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Babies need lots of time at the breast to establish breastfeeding


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Are you ready for your holiday? Are you prepared for a long trip? I have just completed two long flights to Europe and back. I am painfully aware of the issues that can pop up when flying. Some of my traveling companions included cramping, leg and ankle swelling, headache and sinus problems.

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Any worker may suffer from aches and pains. Work environments, repetitive motions, and postures often lead to injuries. You may be a tradie out on a construction site or a computer worker sitting at a desk. A variety of tasks performed at work can often lead to sore and stiff muscles and joints… Read More

Sports Injury
Many people think that Osteopathy is all about treating back pain; however, Osteopaths are also able to help treat and manage a wide variety of sporting injuries. They can treat anyone from the weekend warrior to elite athletes, young growing children to the active elderly.
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Let me ask you a question; what do low back, hip and knee pain all have in common? Well, if you ask me, they can all be a pain in the butt….literally.