Anterior hip pain is commonly caused by a condition called Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI).  The impingement that occurs in this condition is caused by the presence extra bony growth in the ball and socket joint of the hip, the femoral head (ball) or the acetabulum (socket). 

Positional Plagiocephly – misshapen head and flat spots

Have you noticed that your baby prefers turning their head to one side? Have they started getting a flat spot to one side of their head? Perhaps you or others have noticed their face is asymmetrical, or that your baby prefers to look or feed to one side more than the other.

Restrictions are easing, now its time to look after number 1....YOU.

Lymphatic system

(This is part 2 in our lymphatic series, part 1 can be found here The Forgotten System - Lymphatics)

Lymphatic system
As osteopaths, we have a holistic approach to managing your health. We believe your globalhealth is only as good as the sum of each body system. Meaning that a change in onesystem can affect the whole beingand treating one system in isolation would not beadequate in returning your body/mind to… Read More
A big thank you to all the traders, the local community and of course our wonderful patients for being so welcoming to the Your Body Osteopathy team in our new Macleod premises. Our first newsletter for the year is packed with research, useful information, and a great special offer just for you!
While Covid-19 has introduced us to this new platform called Telehealth it has enabled us to expand this service to suit many other circumstances. Some of our clients travel long distances to attend a face to face appointment. Telehealth could minimise travel for these clients and many more. Others… Read More
common mistakes

It started with ‘working from home’, now we are doing that and so much more: Working, studying, shopping and reading all on computers or devices.  The reading the paper, paper books or magazines and catalogues are not as easily accessible with staying home so we’ve moved a lot of it online.

breast feeding baby

Babies need lots of time at the breast to establish breastfeeding