Babies need lots of time at the breast to establish breastfeeding

  • Did you know that is is commonly recommended that your try breastfeeding for 12 weeks before you know it is established?
  • Did you know that is over 400 feeds before you can say you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you?
  • Do you think if you and your partner had this information before the baby arrives it would improve your expectations of infant feeding?

Breast feeding requires a healthy mother and baby. The baby needs to be able to suck the milk out of the breast in order for the mum to make more milk. Nature has created a wonderful example of supply and demand. Usually your body can make enough milk if you can spend time getting milk out of your breasts to enable you to make more.

Prepare to Breastfeed

There are lots of people to help you if you are keen to breastfeed.
Did you know a wonderful gift for expectant mother’s at their baby shower is an annual subscription to the ABA It is the gift that keeps on giving! Women have access to breastfeeding seminars in small groups with real women. The ABA helps improve your expectations.

Written By Dr Marnie Norfolk

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